So we took our brand new collection and drove in a small team to Berlin. Also our boss designer Marlon was with the us. Our small stand looked great and enjoyed a prime location, right near the entrance of Hall 9. The organizers actually provided extra chairs for us. But before we could rejoice, they were taken away from us again. A classic case of confusion - the chairs were for Andrew Charles Hilfiger (yes, that's Tommy's brother) and not for SIR CHARLES. Since we are of course all super fit and vital, that did not really matter to us. ☺

But what else do you do as a young fashion label for a weekend at a trade fair? Exactly: be there on site, network, socialize and ablifestylen. So while the other Charles himself badly covered good songs with his rock band and sonicated the whole hall with terrible noise, one or two security employees could also be seen laughing. Very much in favor of our entertainment.

Of course we also looked around to see what's going on with the others. Otherwise, we drank coffee from the thermos, nibbled together apple rings and got to know many potential partners and competitors. Meanwhile, Marlon was the answer and deepened in nerd talks with fashion enthusiasts from all over Germany. We shook hands and answered more questions. Apple rings were shared and business cards exchanged. The next-door neighbors even liked our business card so much that they now use the slogan on the front directly for their own business card.

Overall, we received a lot of positive feedback, so that 2018 is all about the leisure hype and we look forward to the coming season. All in all this was a great experience for us. We thank the Panorama for the invitation and look forward to the next adventure.


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